24.1.-26.1. Holotropic Breathwork: Presence (Fri 16 pm – Su 15 pm)

Theme Presence: By cultivating our presence, we can become more conscious and have more acceptance towards ourselves and to our environment. On Friday and Sunday we will do simple exercises to deepen our skill of presence. On Saturday there will be two breathing sessions, in which each participants will be breathing and sitting in one session. Presence has important role also in breathwork: breather aims to be conscious of his/her inner world and body, and in addition follows spontaneous impulses that arise within, sitter gives his/her gift of presence for the breather. Both roles are many times experienced as impressive and very meaningful.

There is space for 20 participants. Vegan lunch and dinner are included on Saturday, there will be also snacks and tea/coffee during whole the workshop. There is possibility to sleep on the floor of the breathing room (15€/night, including breakfast). No previous experience of Holotropic Breathwork is required for this workshop.

For the enrollment details & preliminary schedule: see Facebook (events) / HB Finland ry website .

Price of the workshop (including the deposit fee 50€), 10€ discount from all ticket groups for HB Finland ry. members.

  • Full price: 230€
  • Student / unemployed / senior citizen price: 210€
    All prices include 10% VAT.

It is also possible to pay the workshop in cash but in this case we wish that you could pay the reservation fee (50 €) to our account and the rest of the payment when arriving to the workshop. If you choose to sleep in the venue, you can pay for it with cash during registration (15€/night) If you have some problems with the payments or you would like to participate but your financial situation doesn’t allow it, just contact us so we can try to find good solution. 

Because in the breathing-sessions there can be sometimes strong emotional and physical experiences, for safety reasons it is not generally recommended for pregnant women, people with heart-problems and very high blood pressure, with strong psychiatric disorders, with recent fractures or surgical operations, with acute infections or to epileptics. If you are not sure if this workshop is safe for you, just contact us so we can discuss about your situation.