Bed and Breakfast

Konsan Kartano - yksityiskohtia sisäpihalta - avoin etuovi, purppurat callunat pöydällä puutarhakeinun edessä. Details from the yard of Konsa Hall - An open door and pink calluna plants on a garden table next to a garden swing.

Welcome to Raunistula

Konsan Kartano offers fair priced accommodation in Raunistula district located in a walking distance from the city centre of Turku. Room prices include bed linen, towels and breakfast.

Room prices

  • Single 50 €
  • Two beds 80 €
  • Three beds 110 €
  • Four beds 140 €

Shower and toilets are next to the rooms in the corridor.

Contact by email
bed.breakfast(a) (inquiries and bookings).

Konsan Kartano | Turun Luontaishoitola |
Virusmäentie 9 | 20300 Turku FI | Guidemap
+358 44 592 9324 | info(a)